Senior Business Officer, Innovation Ecosystems

Sydney Kjellander is dedicated to supporting the growth of Alberta’s Cleantech and Innovation Sectors through her role as a Senior Business Officer, Innovation Ecosystems, at WD. Prior to joining WD, she supported the merger between the Alberta Clean Technology Alliance (ACTia) and Foresight Canada and led complex applications totaling over $8 Million in potential funding – significantly enhancing support for Alberta’s Cleantech entrepreneurs. The former Managing Director of ACTia, Sydney was known for the development of their highly successful cleantech matchmaking events that generated over $18 million in potential deal flow. She was also the project leader of the popular Alberta Cleantech Ecosystem Map, which provides a clear path for investors to discover Alberta’s cleantech opportunities, and for startup companies to access funding and navigate industry resources. Sydney has worked globally across multiple sectors and has a hands-on and diverse background – from field research in the Arctic, to business management and contaminated sites consulting. She is on the Executive Committee of the Global Energy Show. Sydney has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a BA in Geography, both from the University of British Columbia.


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