Senior Lead, Industry Relations and Partnerships

Wendy Ell is the Director of Corporate Partnerships at Glacier Resources Innovation Group and holds over 25 years experience as a business strategist. She has built business plans and coordinated special alliances for more than 100 businesses; in the sectors of oil/gas, agriculture, food/beverage, consumer products, professional services and advanced technology.

Her fondest memories come from the real “game-changing” programs that have proven to help companies embrace opportunities and break through the prevailing challenges of growth and communication. Clients have included Cenovus, Suncor, Frito Lay, Bayer, Siemens, Dow AgroSciences, General Electric, IBM, Grant Thornton, Deloitte and Schneider Electric among others.

To Wendy, the added beauty of working with these large clients is the ability to also work with the smaller companies that feed into their supply chains; helping them to demonstrate leadership  and offer counsel where it’s needed most.


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