Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Eyab Al-Aini

Founder and Managing Partner
E4 Solutions

Eyab Al-Aini is the Founder and Managing Partner at E4 Solutions, a boutique firm that provides specialized consulting and advisory services to venture capital and institutional investors, technology developers, governments, non-profit organizations, suppliers and service providers in oil and gas and renewable energies.

Eyab’s experiences crosses several sectors including oil and gas, mining, energy systems research and modelling, cleantech, nano-technology product development, media, government relations and public policy. Over the last 14 years he held multiple roles in engineering, project development, upstream oil and gas operations, capital portfolio management, and public policy.

He is father of two, a registered professional engineer in Alberta, and a fellow of the UK-based Royal Society of Arts (RSA), and associate at Human Venture Leadership.

We (collectively) inherited an energy system that provided enormous benefits, but came with severe negative impact and was not sustainable not just. We owe it to future generations to give them our best chance in transitioning to an inclusive, sustainable and just energy system so that they can have the best chance to continue to do the same for even more generations.

-Eyab Al-Aini