Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Jelena Bajic

Jelena was the Managing Director of Research Operations at NAIT where she led a diverse team of exceptional researchers and research administrators supports Alberta’s and Canada’s organizations in reducing the environmental impact of their primary business. NAIT’s applied research focus is on Cleaner Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development and is done in collaboration with many others in the research and innovation network. Jelena is passionate about empowering others to act and engages in many working groups, boards and committees. Beyond her work-related commitments, she is also the President of a child care society, Co-chair of the Plastics Alliance of Alberta, and an avid supporter of the Edmonton culinary and arts scenes.

Systems are complex and that complexity creates endless opportunities for continuous improvement. This is the most exciting part of the focused efforts to shift current energy systems into a more sustainable, just and resilient one.

-Jelena Bajic