Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Kate Letizia

Senior Community Energy Manager
Community Energy Association (CEA)

Kate Letizia, a second-year Energy Futures Lab Fellow, is a seasoned leader with over a decade of experience developing plans, programs, and policies addressing complex environmental and social issues. Kate has worked in the non-profit, private and local government sectors in cities throughout British Columbia, Alberta and internationally. She recently lead the development of Nelson’s Roadmap to Net Zero by 2040 (one of the most ambitious municipal climate targets in the country). Kate is representing the Community Energy Association as their Alberta lead and the manager of the Alberta Climate Leaders Project – a comprehensive program aimed at supporting elected officials and municipal staff to accelerate local climate action, and engage in more effective regional collaboration.

Kate’s goal in the EFL is to foster a shared understanding of the critical role municipalities play in the energy transition, and in creating plans, policies, and infrastructure that can contribute to a zero-carbon and more resilient future. She comes to this work motivated to develop cross-sectoral partnerships and alignment, to create space for new voices and ideas to inform our way forward, and to ensure that the benefits of the energy transition are distributed equitably amongst ALL Albertans.