Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Kate Letizia

Senior Community Energy Manager
Community Energy Association (CEA)

Kate Letizia has been working with a wide range of stakeholders to co-develop plans, programs & policies focusing on environmental and social issues for over 10 years. Kate has held leadership positions in the non-profit, private & local government sectors – in cities throughout British Columbia and Alberta, and internationally. Recently, Kate has been working with local governments to develop comprehensive climate plans and community-led solutions. She led the development of Nelson’s Roadmap to Net Zero by 2040 (one of the most ambitious targets in the country), and supported climate change and sustainability policy development for Colwood BC, the City of Banff and the City of Calgary.

Kate comes to this work motivated to develop creative and interdisciplinary climate initiatives that connect to community living spaces and experiences. She finds joy in building bridges between the worlds of science and technology, social justice, and the arts – and in leveraging our climate challenges to transform everyone’s lives for the better. Kate is a Senior Community Energy Manager at the Community Energy Association – a non-profit organization working with local governments across western Canada to reduce emissions, conserve energy and support the transition to a low carbon and resilient future.