Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Maggie Hanna

Common Ground Energy

A low carbon energy systems thinker, futurist, and consultant, Maggie Hanna has 40 years of experience in resource exploration (minerals, oil and gas), energy systems, and innovation. She provides a current read on relevant energy transition topics encompassing scientific, technological, commercial, social, policy, regulatory, economic, business model and environmental aspects with approximate timelines. She has a broad understanding of worldwide energy systems and a strong grounding in systems thinking. She provides numerous startups with connections, technical friendship, stewardship, and guidance.  Her favourite phrase is “What if…”

Maggie was gratefully adopted into the Roan Family of the Ermineskin Cree Nation 3 decades ago.

Maggie has also been engaged as a speaker, panelist, educator, and writer exploring all energy transition topics. She is a Fellow at the Energy Futures Lab (EFL), an Associate at Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research group (CESAR) at the University of Calgary, blogger at “How the Future Can Go Really Really Well”,  and is active on LinkedIn.