Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Sheila Schindel

Managing Director, Integrated Market Solutions
Innovate BC

Since starting her clean tech journey in 2005, Sheila has accumulated nearly two decades of experience in grant program operations and fund management for academia and companies of various sizes. This provided opportunities to grow and support innovation across a variety of sectors, and work with teams in building sustainable relationships with public, private, and governmental organizations.

As part of the Integrated Markets team at Innovate BC, she works to accelerate and de-risk the adoption of domestic innovations and assist key areas of the provincial economy to decarbonize, increase competitiveness and strengthen health and safety. Sheila has also increasingly been drawn to pursue a greater understanding of human behaviour and its impact on the path forward in the energy transition.

Sheila holds a BSc in Psychology from Bishop’s University, and a Masters in Biotechnology (MBiotech) from the University of Toronto.

The global population is quickly driving towards 8 billion people and more, the need for concrete action to address societal, economical and environmental issues is ever pressing and of critical importance.

-Sheila Schindel