Business Development Manager, Renewable Energy & Technology

Megan Zimmerman has spent the majority of her career in economic development, a field she loves. In her role as Business Development Manager for the Renewable Energy and Technology sectors at Calgary Economic Development, Megan is focused on diversifying the Calgary economy through the development of her sectors. She does this by attracting new business and investment, retaining and supporting Calgary based companies, being an advocate and storyteller for the environmental and innovative advancements made by industry, and serving her community and clients through strategic partnerships with her passion, critical thinking and creativity.

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Alberta’s energy system requires us to be bold, fearless leaders; to collaborate in ways we never thought possible, be transparent and deliberate storytellers and be balanced while considering the climate, people and the economics. The energy system of the future calls us to to listen, learn from our mistakes and adapt accordingly.

The energy system that the future requires must take into consideration the future generations: the land, the air and the people that will live here.

Megan Zimmerman

As outlined in 10 year Economic Strategy for Calgary, the Energy Futures Lab supports the goal to build on Calgary’s position as a centre for responsible energy development and leadership and promote a culture of innovation across the industry. As stewards of that 10-year Economic Strategy, Calgary Economic Development is committed to being a catalyst, conduit, connector and storyteller; sharing the Lab journey and outcomes with Calgary, Alberta and the world.

Megan Zimmerman