MaryAnn Kenney is a visionary sustainability professional with a passion for linking company performance with transparent disclosure. Through her work she enables sustainable economic, environmental and social practices to be integrated into the company’s core strategy, helping it meet economic, social and environmental goals. Within the company, MaryAnn works tirelessly to advance meaningful target setting, human rights protection, the adoption of shared value principles and initiatives, third-party auditing of sustainability metrics and integrated reporting.

MaryAnn is passionate about renewable energy and all aspects of sustainability. When she is not reading about the topic, she is attending courses, workshops or lectures on it.

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If handled thoughtfully and carefully, the province’s energy transition will present opportunities for all Albertans.

MaryAnn Kenney

We need to continue improving the environmental performance and energy efficiency of our oil and gas industry. Concurrently, we need to continue developing a strong renewable energy sector. I see a lot of opportunity ahead.

MaryAnn Kenney