MaryAnn Kenney: Working Together to Create Innovative Solutions

Reflections from our Energy Futures Lab Fellows

As a fourth generation Albertan and Manager of CSR & Sustainability at Enbridge, MaryAnn Kenney has a deep understanding of the energy system here and respects “everything that the individuals and companies have built to create the current energy system.” At the same time, she believes “with the information we now have about climate change – and the information we have had for a long time about energy inequity– we can no longer continue operating under the status quo”.

MaryAnn is one of 40 influential leaders from across Alberta’s energy system selected for the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) Fellowship. She will join representatives from industry, government, First Nations groups, and NGOs to begin to chart a path for the province towards an energy system characterized by sustainability, resilience, and innovation.

“We have a lot going for us,” MaryAnn states on the political will, entrepreneurial spirit, technological expertise, and potential for renewable energy in Alberta. With all of these key ingredients, she believes the province is well positioned to be a leader in energy innovation.

Linda Coaty, Enbridge’s Chief Sustainability Officer with Enbridge shares her enthusiasm for MaryAnn’s involvement in the Lab: “MaryAnn is passionate about her home province of Alberta, and about how its various stakeholders can work together to find energy solutions that align with the emerging social, economic and environmental demands of the 21st century. I am certain that she will be an asset to the work at hand, and that her participation will create value for our company and stakeholders.”

MaryAnn Kenney is an Energy Futures Lab Fellow. She is the Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Enbridge.