An Open Letter to the EFL Community

By June 4, 2020Latest News

Dear Energy Futures Lab Fellows, Partners & Steering Committee Members,

Recent events demonstrate the importance of acknowledging and actively addressing systemic racism. Knowing these traumas are a part of Canada’s social fabric, we invite our community to lean collectively into this grief, discomfort, and moment of witness. We encourage you to reflect on the importance of being open to new ways of being, thinking, and doing.

We want to recognize the members of our community who are hurting right now. We deeply empathize with how this must be a very difficult time for many of you and our hearts go out to you and your loved ones.

To those of us who are born into white privilege, how can we each learn from our discomfort during this time? How can we sit with it long enough to more viscerally hear, feel, see, and know how the system in which we exist within is inequitable and unjust?

The Lab continuously references our Learning Journey in our collective and individual understanding of Canadian Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation. This is, ultimately, the discovery of the truth of how our societies are built upon systemic, generational injustice and racism. We believe this is an important moment in that journey to acknowledge the significance of this truth.

The Energy Futures Lab is far from perfect, but as we come together to create the energy system the future requires, we will continue to build safer, inclusive spaces, to listen and to enhance our ability to elevate your voices.


The Energy Futures Lab Team

EFL Team