Chad Park on Finding our Future, Together at TEDxYYC

By September 27, 2016Latest News

Building systems that are fit for the future means beginning with the end in mind and working together with unlikely allies. Our greatest challenges can only be addressed if we learn to do so.

Chad Park lays out an approach that aligns diverse perspectives towards a shared understanding of what the future requires: backcasting from sustainability principles. He also introduces the groundbreaking initiative that is putting these ideas to the test: the Energy Futures Lab.

Chad Park is Chief Innovation Officer of The Natural Step Canada and director of the Energy Futures Lab. The Alberta-based Energy Futures Lab is a multi-interest collaboration, bringing leaders together to identify, test, and scale initiatives that tackle climate change, energy security, and sustainable development. Chad has advised dozens of businesses and communities in Canada and internationally, including the Co-operators, Nike, Rio Tinto Alcan, and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. In 2012, he received the Clean 50 award, recognizing fifty individuals in Canada who have advanced the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism.

Chad Park is the Director of the Energy Futures Lab and Executive Director of the Natural Step Canada