Introducing the “My Energy Future” Campaign

For as long as the EFL has existed, its work has been creating productive and solutions-oriented conversations about energy and climate as well as expanding the dimensions of what we like to call the “radical middle.” But with political polarization on the rise, and the dialogue around the energy transition becoming more binary by the day, we thought it was time to expand our reach — and our ambitions.

We’ve heard from many of our Fellows over the years that they wanted to see us engage much more with the public, share our stories, and what we value with them. We will be asking you and many Canadians to share what your energy future looks like to showcase the diversity of perspectives around energy. We want to exchange, listen, and have rich conversations about our energy future.

And that’s exactly what will happen in 2020.

The campaign, which encourages Albertans and Canadians to think about their energy future and the role they can play in it, will kick off with a video that frames the conversation in a productive way. It was edited by our own Fellow Rio Mitchell, and features some of the EFL’s own members sharing their vision of the energy future. But that video is just the beginning. It will be featured on a new website, and supported by Twitter and Facebook accounts dedicated to expanding its reach. That website will also feature new content about the technologies and ideas we explore in the Lab, and how they’ll create opportunities for us all to build a better future.

Over the course of the spring and summer, we hope to take this campaign and the materials it will create on the road, whether to conferences and symposiums or town-hall style meetings with the public. We’ll be talking about it with the media, and we may ask you to do some talking of your own. And we’ll be doing everything we can to influence the national conversation and shift it in a more positive and productive direction.

How can you help? First, by sharing the campaign and its content on your own social channels, and within your circles of friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage the people you know and love to think about what their energy future will look like, and talk about it with one another. Stay tuned for further developments as we build out the My Energy Future campaign.

Alison Cretney is Managing Director of the Energy Futures Lab.