Get Involved in the Energy Futures Lab Community and Choose your Adventure

Since its inception in 2015, the Energy Futures Lab has had a primary focus on the development of the Fellowship and the co-creation of collaborative initiatives in the Innovation Pathways.

So how can you get involved with the EFL? There are plenty of opportunities – just choose your adventure!

Over the course of the almost two years of this work, hundreds of other people have connected to the EFL in one way or another. In this next phase of expansion, the EFL will now be opening its doors and creating new opportunities for the growing EFL community to connect. We are inviting Albertans and Canadians to get involved with the Lab’s work and to join the EFL community.

So how can you get involved with the EFL? There are plenty of opportunities – just choose your adventure!

  • Attend Innovating Alberta’s Energy Future Showcase: This Showcase is the EFL’s milestone event for 2017, taking place on April 19 and bringing leaders and innovators from across Alberta’s energy landscape. This is your opportunity to learn firsthand about the initiatives created and scaled at the Lab. High-profile speakers will also join and spark the conversation!
  • Join EFL Community Gatherings: The EFL community meets once a month to hold deeper discussions on various energy futures themes and on EFL initiatives related to the Innovation Pathways. These are informal gatherings taking place after work and semi-facilitated by an EFL staff member or a Fellow. The gatherings are free of charge and held in both Calgary and Edmonton. Registration is required as space for each session is limited, so sign up today!
  • Sign up for EFL Leadership Bootcamp: The Leadership Bootcamp is an excellent and intensive introduction to the work and approach of the Lab. You’ll spend the first day playing the exhilarating Newtonian Shift simulation and experience decades of energy transition in a few hours. The next two days focus on understanding energy systems and narratives as well as creating and innovating an energy vision for the future. Register and stay tuned for upcoming Bootcamps.
  • Participate in a Newtonian Shift Simulation: Imagine 16-30 people living out an intense simulation of 20 years over four hours. This fast-paced, role-playing experience requires you to make decisions in response to dynamic local and global changes. Whether you play the role of an energy company’s CEO or a First Nations leader or an NGO representative, this facilitated game will expose you to decades of energy transition and help you empathize with different real-world players in the energy system. What would you do if the price of oil peaked and you, as a CEO, have already sold all your fossil fuels assets? You can participate in the simulation or host one in your community. Learn more about others’ experiences playing the game!
  • Request an Organizational Engagement Session: If you cannot come to the EFL, the EFL can come to you! Organizational engagement sessions are an effective way to engage your organization in energy transition. It’s an excellent way to trigger stimulating discussions and real change in your organization. The EFL team will facilitate the Newtonian Shift simulation and explore energy narratives with the participants during the energy trends cafe. Are you interested? Contact us at
  • Newsletter: The EFL newsletter is the best way to stay connected and receive the Lab’s announcements and news. You haven’t joined the list? Sign up today!

Nagwan Al-Guneid is the Community Mobilizer/Public Engagement of the Energy Futures Lab